Mouse Infestation 101: Why Is It Unhealthy To Have Mice in Your Home?

It’s easy to dismiss mice as nothing more than mere nuisances that every homeowner needs to deal with every once in a while. They look rather cute, after all- and killing these furry creatures can be quite icky.

But don’t let their adorableness fool you. A mouse infestation is a very serious problem that needs to be dealt with ASAP. This is not just fear-mongering alone- letting a few mice run around the house can open you up to risks that you would rather not have. Take a look at the top mouse trap brand and get rid of those creatures!

If you’re still asking why is it unhealthy to have mice in your home, here are some of the ways in which they can cause havoc to your life:

Mice Can Carry Diseases

Ever heard of the bubonic plague that wiped out more than half of Europe in the 14th century? Yes, rats and mice were the reasons why the Black Death was deadly as it was.


While it’s true that most people living in the modern world today wouldn’t have to worry about the plague anymore, mice can still spread diseases (usually through their urine, saliva, and droppings) that are potentially deadly to humans. Some of these include salmonella, hantavirus, listeria, and rat-bite fever.

Mice Can Cause/Exacerbate Allergies

The amount of people who are allergic to dust and mold/mildew is almost the same as those who are allergic to mouse droppings. Also, there was a study that pointed out that 35% (or more than one-third) of the houses in the US have mouse allergens (usually from the mice’s droppings and urine) that are on levels that can trigger allergies.

Mouse Can Destroy Your House

Yes, these pests can burn down your home. And that’s not an exaggeration. Therefore, it is important that you know how to get rid of mice in your attic.


Mice can chew through anything. Wood, plastic pipes, insulation, electrical wiring, drywall, soft concrete- you name it, they can chew it. This is especially troubling especially when mice suddenly decide to chew through the wires in your home. According to a study conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health, at least 25 percent (or one-fourth) of all fires that were attributed to “unknown causes” in the US might have been caused by mice and rodents. For those who are asking “why is it unhealthy to have mice in your home?” – this might just be the most unhealthiest and deadliest of risks that mice can cause you.

There’s also the fact that having an unresolved mouse infestation in your home can drastically reduce its value in the real estate market, thereby making it hard for you to sell it if you decide to do so one day.

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Important Health Benefits of Massage

he54u6j5yrxd5Massage business has become very thriving in the past few years for various reasons, including health benefits. This is evidenced by the many fashionable health clubs and classic spas that have been established across the world. Several airports, businesses, hospitals and clinics have also started offering massage therapies.

When you go for a massage, it is not just about relaxing your body and state of mind; it is also about improving your health. If you did not know the important health benefits of massage, it is time to know so that you can change your commitment to book a massage appointment. A good massage will protect you from numerous body pains, spasms, and other health problems.

The different important health benefits of massage

It eliminates postural stress

trjytudt5657ethfrtj6Many people nowadays spend a lot of time sitting both at work and home. The same applies to children who spend long hours watching television, playing video or online games and browsing the internet. Some people continue sitting while commuting. This prolonged sitting causes weakness or pain in the low back. If you are among those who spend most of their days seated, scheduling for a massage regularly is one of your solutions to prevent looming health problems. Massage neutralizes the imbalance resulting from prolonged sitting.

It improves blood circulation

During a massage, your blood vessels, and lymphatic drainage system get stretched thus creating enough space for free flow of blood. This alignment ensures that blood is supplied to all parts of the body. This is very beneficial even to pregnant women.

It eases muscular tension and improves joint mobility

The massage therapy stretches all muscles tissues thus reducing any tension in the muscles. It also aligns joints appropriately making it easier for you to move. The massage eases soft tissue injuries or strains. That is why many sportsmen and women go for numerous massage sessions.

It reduces stress and anxiety

wee56576whtrgdrdtr6This is another crucial health benefit of massage. People who go for massage enjoys the feeling of connection, comfort, and caring. This eliminates stress and anxiety. If you want to sleep soundly, go for a massage. Also, don’t find it strange if your doctor recommends a massage as a solution to your stress.

Considering all these health benefits, it can be said that massage is an alternative and complementary medicine. It is also worth noting that for you to enjoy all these important health benefits of massage, you should get a massage treatment or therapy from a professional massage therapist.

Alternative Methods For Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is not as easy as it may sound. It requires one to be well prepared and select an appropriate method that will help them quit smoking. This is always challenging because smoking cessation is among the most difficult things to treat. There are many people who have tried conventional methods to quit smoking but have failed to achieve their goal. For such people and others, it is time to try alternative methods for quitting smoking.

Effective methods to quit smoking


bheju46rymfhThis method aims at changing the smoker’s behavior and attitude. A hypnosis session relaxes someone’s mind and helps in detecting unconscious triggers. The session is administered by a therapist who starts by taking case history so as to understand the past smoking experience of the patient. This is followed by inducing a relaxation state to the client through guided visualization or meditation.

This is followed by several conversations or suggestions to identify things that may inspire the person to quit smoking. Hypnosis has been proven to be very effective in changing the behavior of smokers quickly. For this reason, it has become a preferred alternative method for many people who are trying to quit smoking.


The method involves stimulating particular parts of the smoker’s body using small needles. This aims at reducing smoking cravings and withdrawals symptoms in the whole body. The needles are usually inserted in the head, feet, and ears. The process is done by an acupuncturist who evaluates the reaction of the patient. Evaluation entails reading the color of the tongue and pulse of the patient. The acupuncturist determines the physical weaknesses of the smoker and places the needles so as to address these shortcomings accordingly.


srgh35y64rgdktdThis method relaxes the body of the patient who is trying to quit smoking and refocuses his/her thoughts. Smokers usually enjoy the sensation of smoking. The main target of meditation is to trigger that relaxing feeling which is craved by smokers. There are several techniques of meditation. One of these is where the patient sits comfortably and starts breathing in and out through the nose. When the patient’s mind starts wandering, he/she is told to divert it on breathing. This method works well if it is done together with traditional therapy.

If you are struggling to quit smoking, try any of the above alternative methods and combine them with other conventional quitting methods. This may be your road to getting yourself out of this serious problem.